One Good Deed deserves another.

When you buy a GOOD:DEED toothbrush, we will give one to a child who needs it.

Where we are and who we help?

See where Good Deed operates and the people we help.

Our Goal

is to give away 3 million toothbrushes!

“Fill each with day with life heart. There is no pleasure in the world compare to the delight and satisfaction that a good person takes in doing good.”

When you buy a Good:Deed Toothbrush we will give one to a child in need.

Good:Deed teamed up with Henry Schein Dental, CTS Dental Supplies and Whitewash Laboratories and launched in 2011.

Why we give

  • 75% of the world’s children have no access to a toothbrush to clean their teeth
  • 80% of children in South Africa suffer from tooth decay
  • The most common cause of school absenteeism is tooth ache

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