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Every Time a Good:Deed toothbrush is sold, a brush will be sent to a child who has no access to a toothbrush normally.

80% of children in South Africa suffer from tooth decay. Buying a Good:Deed brush can help give these children a chance to live healthy life free from pain of decay.

Impacting on the lives of 10,000 children in the township of Khayalitcha South Africa. By providing a toothbrush for free, you can help to give these children a chance to live a healthy life, free from the pain of decay.

It’s a simple One for One: you buy a toothbrush for only 80p, and a new toothbrush will be donated to a child living in a township in South Africa who would otherwise have no access to their own toothbrush. Buying a toothbrush couldn’t be easier. Either purchase one next time you go to the dentist, or you can buy one right here from our shop.

Dental Wellness Trust Founder Dr Linda Greenwall says the aim was to create a simple transaction “To get toothbrushes to a child in need, all you have to do is buy a Good:Deed toothbrush for yourself and the money raised buys a brush for a child who doesn’t have access to even the most basic means of dental health”.


As well as giving toothbrushes, we provide a combined dental education and supervised brushing programme called Live Well.  Here we teach the importance of regular brushing, overall hygiene and provide toothpaste and soap – vital items the children sorely lack.

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