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Central to the Dental Wellness Trust is education.  The Dental Ambassador Programme aims to support the personal development of young people and equip them with essential life skills.  It is an excellent way of recognizing achievements and skills outside of the formal academic environment.

The Dental Ambassador Programme allows participants to gain a nationally recognized qualification awarded by ASDAN.  ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) is a charitable social enterprise with awarding body status.  ASDAN qualifications specialise in building up personal effectiveness skills.  As part of the Dental Ambassador Programme, participants will work toward the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE).

The Dental Ambassador Programme and CoPE qualification will be of special interest to individuals interested in a dental, medical or other health related career such as physiotherapy, nutrition or social work.  The programme will focus on promoting general wellness through oral health, and will be shaped through dialogue between the supervisor and participant based on their needs, skills and interests.

The programme aims to encourage the development of personal and social attributes essential for employment and life skills.  Participants will develop skills in six key areas: working with others, improving learning and performance, problem solving, planning and carrying out a piece of research, communicating through discussion, preparing for and giving an oral presentation.  Participants are required to produce a portfolio of evidence demonstrating the different skills, which will then be assessed externally.  On completion, successful participants will receive a certificate of achievement.

The CoPE qualification is suited to post-GCSE level students through to post-A Level students.  It is particularly relevant as preparation for Higher Education and working life.  A minimum of 12 credits (120 hours) at Level 1 and 2, or 15 credits (150 hours) at Level 3 must be completed.  The CoPE certificate at Level 3 is worth 70 UCAS points roughly the equivalent to an A grade at AS Level, giving special added value to your CV.  There will be a registration cost of £350 which will include certification, moderation and administrative costs.

We are now looking for participants to take part in the pilot programme.  We welcome interest from both individuals and youth groups.  Please contact or call 0207 267 7070 for further details.

siobhanWe both did our student elective placement in Cape Town, under the supervision of Dr Linda Greenwall and it truly was a life changing experience.

We were fortunate to work on two amazing projects with the DWT. One promoting oral health in an elderly care home and the other promoting oral health to pre-school children in the townships.

It was great working with Dr Greenwall, she is real inspiration and it was great to experience first-hand just how much the DWT impacts communities.

Siobhan Anthony & Luke Greenfield

The supervised tooth brushing programme in South Africa has continued to grow and reach out to hundreds of more children who desperately need our support. Not to mention the success of the after school projects set up by incredible women such as Mavis.

Furthermore, the development of a Dental Clinic at the Highlands House care home in Cape Town is a momentous achievement and something I very much look forward to visiting and being able to help out with through volunteering.

Saul Konviser

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