As a charity, we rely heavily on the generosity of our supporters.

Please give generously to this cause to help improve the dental oral health and educate children and communities in the UK and South Africa.

£10 can buy 25 toothbrushes to give to children.
£25 can buy 28 tubes of toothpaste to give to children.
£50 can buy 140 bars of soap to use at LiveSmart clubs.
£100 can pay for plastic cups for 100 children to store their toothbrushes.
£1000 can pay for the cost of educating and training teachers about oral health.

Donate now

Schools Programme

For every toothbrush purchased, you do a good deed whilst also giving one to a child in need.

You can also help by sponsoring a school or get involved through volunteering in the Township of South Africa along with our teachers like Mavis.

Dental Wellness Trust are making a positive impact in schools in the Townships in South Africa through our projects.


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